De-banking Our Leaders


De-banking our leaders

Super Happy Fun America Officers victimized by Cancel Culture Oppression

SHFA Vice President Captain Mark Sahady and SHFA Operations Director Sue Ianni – two of the “Heroes of January 6th” – have had multiple credit cards cancelled, despite having near perfect credit.  First Republic Bank cancelled Mark’s checking account and refused to give him a reason. PayPal closed Sue’s account while Citi AAdvantage, Master Card and Macy’s all cancelled her credit cards. This corporate misconduct should outrage all fair minded Americans. 

Welcome to the New World Order. Step out of line and be cancelled. It is bad enough that SHFA has been banned from PayPal, Patreon, Teespring, Go Fund Me, Facebook and too many other platforms to list here.  We have had a half dozen online stores shut down. Like so many right of center activists, both Mark and Sue have been banned from Twitter and Facebook. Adding insult to injury, Mark was fired from his job as a result of an FBI investigation. Captain Sahady served his country in Afghanistan and deserves better. This same FBI is allowing an orgy of violence from Antifa/BLM to go unchallenged. In our once free nation a totalitarian regime is emerging. If they can do it to us – they can do it to you. Patriotic Americans need to push back before it is too late. 

Big Tech has done an end run around our 1st Amendment and now censors all things conservative.  Violent gangs assault conservative activists who dare to speak up in the public square. If you do not embrace far left orthodoxy and support traditional American values, then you are immediately labeled a “white supremacist.”  The corporate media has become nothing more than a propaganda tool for the far left. Our schools teach anti-American revisionist history and promote garbage like “Critical Race Theory” and “The 1619 Project.” Our leadership speaks out because they love America. The communist left despises them for it.

Despite all this systemic oppression, our leaders like Captain Mark Sahady and Sue Ianni are standing on the front lines fighting for everybody’s God given rights. For this they are punished, slandered and harassed at every turn. This is not the freedom loving country that I grew up in. We must cancel “cancel culture” and return to Constitutional rule and learn to tolerate differences of opinion, or our republic is doomed.

John Hugo

President Super Happy Fun America