Rise Against Tyranny

Boston Police LiEutenant Assists Antifa in Silencing Conservatives

Super Happy Fun America and the Refounding Fathers Coalition planned a peaceful protest on Sunday, November 7, at the Boston Common.  Our goal was to oppose the emerging system of medical apartheid, including vaccine passports, face diapers, and mass firings.  We were joined by a broad cross-section of society, including many first responders. Once, the Boston Common was a place where all people were welcome to exercise their 1st Amendment rights, but, apparently, these rights no longer exist. 

We had worked with Boston Police Lieutenant Gary Eblan for weeks on the permitted “Rise Against Tyranny” event.  We were told that our people would be safe inside the barricades and even rented porta potties at the suggestion of the Park’s department.  Unfortunately, Lieutenant Eblan prevented us from exercising our First Amendment rights the day of the event.

The trouble began when the van with our equipment arrived on the scene.  For a short time Boston police officers with bicycles separated us from the Antifa mob.  Then, inexplicably, they withdrew, allowing the hoard to advance on the peaceful protesters.  This allowed the mob to assault our vehicle and pepper spray our people.  Antifa smashed the windshield, and started beating the van and our driver, Ron. Desperately he tried to escape by driving through the barriers. The police arrested him instead of the attackers.   Later, we were told that they had orders to stand down. Since we had numerous police and first responders in our ranks, Boston Police were, in fact, facilitating the assault on their brother officers. 


There was an area sectioned off around the gazebo as we had negotiated with the city. There was plenty of room for the large crowd of patriots that we expected. To our shock, Lieutenant Eblan told us that only our speakers would be allowed on the inside of the protective barriers.  He claimed it was for own safety but seemed unconcerned with the safety of the event’s participants.  This was unacceptable because it would have meant we would be speaking without the audience of people who came to hear us.  

We decided to move our sound equipment to the perimeter of the barriers so that we could be heard by our audience.  Nearby, a hoard of violent Antifa thugs were amassing intending to disrupt our event with noisemakers and assaults.  Instead of letting the thousands of people into the easily defendable inner circle, Lieutenant Eblan forced our audience outside the barrier. 

 It was clear that the BPD brass thought that by allowing us to be overrun we would give up. We did not.  Our people were hit with bear spray in their eyes and were punched.  To make matters worse the police confiscated our American flags with the false claim that we would use them as weapons.  Antifa were allowed to keep their flags which were bedecked with images of mass murderers such as Stalin and Mao.  While patriots used their fists to hold back the attacks, we began our speeches.  

We had 20 speakers, some of them local politicians, and our permit said we had until 4pm. Instead, around 1:30 PM Lieutenant Eblan informed us that we could no longer speak. He had an officer literally pull the plug from our speaker system. When asked why he was stopping our permitted event, Lieutenant Eblan said that it is above his pay grade, which is according to news sources is approximately $235,000.00.

Lieutenant Eblan prevented our free speech event though we were there defending rights of first responders, many of whom came to participate in our event. This is not America anymore. Free speech is dead in Boston.

Antifa were allowed to keep their flags, including communist flags, and those adorning historic murderers like Mao, Lenin, and Stalin.  Meanwhile the police confiscated SHFA’s flags, including American flags.

Thank YOU C.O.R.R.