refounding fathers festival YUGE Success

We would like to thank the hundreds of patriots who attended Super Happy Fun America’s Refounding Fathers Festival on July 24th, 2021.  More than twenty conservative groups came together and pledged to form a united front in order to restore our Constitutional rights while raising a significant amount of money for the cause.  

The far-left once again failed in their efforts to shut down our event, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying.  Cowards showed up in the middle of the night and laid spikes on the private road leading into the Century Sportsman’s Club.  The club was deluged with phone calls and emails demanding our event be cancelled while alleging we are a white supremacist hate group.  Far-left media supported their efforts by repeating the lies.  We challenge the media to present any evidence of our group being a white supremacist organization. 

As if the hateful campaign against us wasn’t enough, the woke Auburn police chief threatened to recommend against renewing the liquor license of the Century Sportsman’s Club if they did not cancel the event.  This is clearly an abuse of power.  We are grateful to the Century Sportsman’s Club for having the courage to stand up to the Marxist mob in support of our First Amendment right of assembly.

While criticizing our event, US Representative Jim McGovern had the audacity to claim that he looked into the eyes of January 6th protestors.  Everyone knows that this would have been impossible considering he was cowering in the safety of the House Chamber while the heroes of January 6th were protesting the fraudulent election.  Further, he repeated the bold face lie that police officer Brian Sicknick was killed that day.  According the officer’s family and the medical examiner officer Sicknick died of natural causes.  Is there any lie that this far-left Congressman won’t tell in order to push his hateful agenda?

Super Happy Fun America is fighting for your rights and will not be bullied by those who would take them away.  The spirit of our Founding Fathers calls out to us to stand up and take back our country.  Come join the fight!

President Hugo

Vice President Sahady