Our Ten Point Plan to Save America

Our great republic is threatened by far-left fanatics of the Democrat party and their violent, militant Antifa / BLM street thugs. American cities are burning, murderous gangs are creating mayhem on the streets, and elections have been subverted. We are living under a corrupt one-party oligarchy dominated by anti-American globalists, Big Tech censorship, a corrupt press and a tyrannical regime which has contempt for American liberties and Constitutional rule. Patriots who dare to speak against the madness engulfing our nation are brutally suppressed and targeted for harassment. Freedom loving Americans have had enough.

1. Return to Constitutional Rule

The US Constitution is the supreme law of land. All global systems of governance including the UN must be prohibited.

2. Defeat Cultural Marxism

Communism is anti-family and the enemy of God fearing Americans. It destroys individual liberty, property rights, and religious freedom.  It must be vigorously opposed.

3. Reform Elections

Return to a system of paper ballots in order to restore free and fair elections. Only deployed military can vote absentee ballots.  The voter rolls must be purged and voter IDs introduced to ensure election integrity.

4. Regulate Big Tech

Create a technological “Bill of Rights” as a bulwark against Big Tech overreach and suppression of free speech.  Technology platforms are the new public square.  Corporations that discriminate against Americans should be barred from government contracts.

5. Establish a True Free Press

Create independent social media and news services to challenge the monolithically leftist propaganda networks.  

6. Return to a Gold Standard

Paper money is a scam that has resulted in massive inflation. The dollar should be backed by gold as it was during saner times and the government should be prohibited from establishing a digitial currency.

7. Base Immigration Policy on American Needs

We should seek only the best and the brightest immigrants from all nations according to the needs of the citizenry.  Without borders a sovereign nation cannot exist.

8. Reform the Public School Curriculum

Remove all gender madness and anti-American revisionist history from studies and teach patriotism.  It is imperative that we establish our own educational institutions.

9. Establish Term Limits

Limiting the terms of elected officials will temper the power of the ruling class.  Elected office should not be a life time career.

10. Re-establish Traditional Values

Make normalcy normal again. Judeo-Christian values are under siege. It is time to right the ship.