rise against lies

Corporate media is the opposite of a free press. They are the gate keepers of the establishment which serve as the mouthpiece for those in power.  The media is used to push far-left propaganda. Real journalists like Tucker Carlson are silenced while grifters keep the American populace in the dark. We have had enough. We gathered on May 13th, 2023 at WBZ-TV / CBS in Boston to make our voices heard.

  • Here is a sample of some of the corporate media’s lies.
  • Russia collusion hoax against President Trump and the banana republic tactics being used against him
  • Lies and hysteria about Covid-19 and the safety of the clot-shot
  • Referring to Antifa as “counter protesters” instead of the violent paramilitary wing of the Democrat party
  • Calling everything they disagree with as “racist”
  • Highly organized fake news about the stolen 2020 election and its massive fraud.
  • Completely ignoring the massive invasion on our southern border.
  • Labeling all conservatives as “far right” 
  • Calling the January 6th protest in DC an “insurrection”    
  • Ignoring Big Tech and US government collusion to censor Americans citizens
  • Pushing a radical gender ideology including the sexualization and mutilation of children
  • Pushing the false climate crisis and “Green New Deal” which will impoverish most of the country
  • Supporting the maniacally evil Justice Department in their vile persecution of “enemies of the regime”

The 4th estate has become a 5th column. We need to bring back a free press.  We must push back before we lose everything. 

We thank Citizens Organized to Restore Rights (CORR) for standing with us.